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Outplacement Programs

DBM offices in Austria offer the following programs:

Individual Outplacement Services

In the form of one-on-one counselling sessions, participants receive guidance on career review, self-assessment, recruitment firms, advertisements, direct contacts, and the Internet), interviewing, and salary negotiation. During the course of their program, clients have access to individual offices, computers, printers, the Internet, telephones, fax, electronic databases, and company listings as well as a wide range of search and self-development tools.

The following program variations are available:

  • Senior Executive
  • Executive
  • time limited programs

Combined (group and individual) programs.

In the case of a larger number of released staff-level employees, career counselling is also available in a format which combines group workshops and one-on-one sessions, with one to three months of office usage. The program elements covered are the same as in individual Outplacement services.

OTM offers a wide variety of programs taylor-made to the requirements of companies and clients.

Outplacement is:

a systematic process helping a terminated employee to find a new adequate job with good chances of personal success. It will minimize the traumatic experience for them and their superior.
Why outplacement


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